Project Management - the Complete Guide Bonus

Complete your training experience by accessing our free templates and selected videos

Welcome to your bonus training!

This membership gives you access to the mini “course” referred to in our Project Management – The Complete Guide workshop. This contains Word and Excel templates for you to use and customise, as well as 8 weeks’ access to a set of curated videos on aspects of project management, particularly PMP preparation as well as team management and leadership.

There is no actual cost to you!  Please select this option and use the special coupon code (eg, PMCG90) given to you at the workshop by your presenter when you checkout.  This will remove the cost at the checkout and automatically enroll you into the bonus course. FREE!

If you have lost your coupon code, please email us to obtain a replacement code. If you were told by your presenter that you are already enrolled, simply click the login icon on the menu and get started!

Of course, if you didn’t attend our course, you are welcome to pay for admission and at least download our templates! 

But why not go to our main site and register for a complete course? You’ll get so much more!