Project Management Course bonus materials for our students

These mini-courses contain free resources and online discussion sites for students who have attended our on-site project management workshops, one of our many public classes presented over the past 10 years, or one of our online Zoom classes.

These “courses” will provide you with templates for download and use on your own projects, as well as access to curated videos from our own presentations or from reputable sources on YouTube. Please just click the course shown below and ignore the price shown.

You may already be enrolled in this course by your presenter. Otherwise, you can use the free access code given to you at our training workshop as a 100% discount “coupon” code at checkout.

If you did not receive an access code at your class, please email us on our Contact Us page on the main site for a replacement code.

Watch out for many new PMN online courses appearing here, consisting of other more advanced short courses and a wider range of free tutorials.